Nice lifestyle

Angelique Robin invited me to share my experiences, living in Nice. More than happy to do that as I met Angelique in one of my workshops. She’s French but not from Nice and fel in love with this town, just like me.

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Wim, can you tell us how it is to rebuild a life here?

I came to Nice in november 2016. I had the need to change the course of my life. As I’ve been visiting Nice and surroundings for over 30 years I knew Nice has always been good to me. It is my second home next to Amsterdam where I was born and raised.

I literally needed a new perspective on life. Nice does that you. It is a city that is the sum of a lot of mixtures like old architecture, modern glamour, French with Italian lifestyle in it, mountains are close, the sea and of course the sun hours.

It all makes a northern guy like me happy. I can truly say: #ILoveNice

The people I meet are expats from all over the world. From China to the US. And my dearest best French friends I am so lucky to know for 30 years now! The best way to illustrate this warm bath I am experiencing is that I always have the feeling I have family here. It is very special to me. At the end of the day it’s the people who make all the difference.

This year I’ve started up a new business. Locally rooted. I do workshops together with a group called Nice Nomads and run an online academy for freelancers that want to transform their creativity into profitable business models. Building it up like a tree: local roots and the online sky (without limits) is where the leaves turn green to flourish.

Read on at NiceLifestyleMagazine

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