Nice Nomads in Nice

I’ve the pleasure of working together with a community called: Nice Nomads. Besides the fact that they truly are nice people, the Nice stands for the their hometown in the Cote  d’Azur.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-10 om 16.58.22 Schermafbeelding 2017-10-10 om 21.07.48

It started out with doing my workshops –Rethinking the way Freelancers work– and it grew into a social and work relationship that has several important lessons in it for me:

  • Any self-employed needs a social structure that traditionally is facilitated by an employer. Local communities like Nice Nomads fill the gap one can experience. Especially when you are an expat. From business opportunities to finding the right local carpenter. The network can provide it seamless.
  • The level of innovation in local communities is one that surprises me. I see a lot of innovation coming from ‘the bottom up’ We all read about it, but experiencing it first hand makes my life more fun!
  • One can target services on the countless local communities to seed-launch a product to get market validation. What an easy and pleasurable way of testing your product before it hits the marketplace. Being an advocate for seed-launches I can truly recommend to try this one out.

Besides this we love to hang out together, make no mistake. This is FUN!

Check them out on Meet-up and on Facebook.


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