What you LOVE to do – Master Move 1.

Meeting all kinds of people from all over the world makes me realize that we search more and more for our own morals and personal values in our working life. Just having a job that pays the bills is not enough to have the impact we are looking for. We are all connected by this mentality.


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Running our own show seems the right way to realize personal goals and ambitions we have. So one can be true to personal values and get an overall sense of purpose. Our personal values have a great influence on our decisions in life and choice of work.

When we earn our income it is not always easy to stay on the track we envisioned ourselves. There is a risk we struggle with the part of business that provides us food on the table versus our inner values and ambitions. Questioning if we are doing the right thing.

What’s essential is that we all construct a modern business model that provides one structure, one direction. A strategy that gives abundance in our working life based on what we love to do. I, Wim, make it my mission to get you on that track. Drive the movement, accelerate the action we need to take to get there.

Here are five questions to rethink if you are doing what you love to do. I invite you to ask yourself these questions. Find that inner purpose that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. That motivates you from the inside out. That what you really love to do and comes naturally to you.

  1. What do you really enjoy in your work? Gives you ‘the vibe’? You do not want to miss out on?
  2. In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing? What do you see on your calendar that energizes you?
  3. If you could redesign your job with no restrictions, what would the first thing be you would change? 
  4. What are your priorities for your life and how does your work fit in?
  5. Is there anything else that comes to mind?

Download these questions in a PDF Worksheet here.

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The idea here is to help you identify what you love about your work and open possibilities from there. Regular check-ins that use these areas of inquiry are a way to explore and call out your inner purpose. I encourage you, when you do this exercise with yourself at home to share your insights in the DBA Studio.

We are all human and inspire each other. Leave a comment or start a conversation in the DBA Studio. So we can explore what new possibilities there are for you to build a business on what you love to do. In the next Master move (2) we will focus on what you are good at and connect it with what you love to do. To guarantee your motivation thrives!

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