A day in Barcelona

In the morning we sadly had a delay due to technical problems with an engine. Besides the two hours it took, I was impressed by the friendly communications by Vueling As well as in person and by SMS. Very good job done Vueling!

When I arrived in Barcelona I had to do a meeting with Sid van de Bosch in ten minutes, due to the delay. As he was leaving Barcelona the same morning by plane it was my first meeting ever with someone in a row of people boarding a plane. There’s Nomad life for you! Nevertheless it was interesting as we were discussing an interesting start-up called Mesaio. Do remember that name.

22046801_475924389445195_1988552936391860467_nAfter I met Sensi. I know her for a couple of months now. I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring her from Buenos Aires to Upstate New York. And now we met live in Barcelona. What a pleasure to work and meet people this way! She’s heading for Tulum, Mexico now where she will be exploring the idea of connecting local indigenous craftsmanship products to the online world. Helping people this way is, when you ask me, one of these impressive life choices one can make. Respect! You can follow her here

She invited me at MedioDesign. What a super friendly people and I am impressed by their craftsmanship. The studio is located in an old industrial revolution building. There are a lot of them and now being re-used by mostly creative businesses. You can feel the vibe there is something going on there.

One of the most impressive ones is turned into a event & co-working space I have not seen before: Espacio88 great architecture. As there is a van parked inside you can always get a coffee to explore this place. I can recommend it.


Sensi and I went to see Theo, the founder of a local digital Nomad community: Codino. He looked just like a friend of mine in the Netherlands! Sometimes you wonder…how…. After a Corona we agreed that I will send him more information what my DBA community and Nice Nomads is about. I would love to do workshops in Barcelona and I even get more excited by the idea that I will grasp that opportunity to bring the best of the DBA tribe along with me!

Barcelona was good to me. Hope to see her soon.

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