Creativity sets free. Believe, achieve & receive

Meet Zoë June. She has 10K followers on Instagram. Zoë also works for a start-up based in Barcelona, where she does social media management.

Could you tell us what you do on Instagram and how you build almost 10.000 followers? 

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-21 om 13.26.45I build the first 10k followers by collaborating with brands. I remember I started with buying the labels, posting pictures wearing the clothes and tagging the brands.  These brands used my pictures on their Instagram. Their followers followed me back. By doing so I gained most of my followers. Subsequently the brands started  to  send me clothes for free.  Now, I don’t need to buy them anymore. On top of this I did a lot of commenting and liking other people. Anyone who I thought could be  a potential follower for my Instagram.

Ever given it a thought to build a business on it? Or do you already have one?

I seriously consider to build a business on it. Instagram is the future. At the moment I’m working on getting 20k followers. In the future I think it will be smart to start vlogging as well.

How do the Instagram activities get you closer to what you want for yourself?

I have a big passion for taking pictures since I was young. I actually started blogging at the age of 14 using netlog, weheartit and tumblr. It feels so powerful one can share everything with the world! The thing I still have to work on is choosing the sector I want to focus on. I really like fashion but also health, nature, art and travel. Would be nice to do a mix of those five….

What do you currently take on as in work, because you believe you’re the best person to do it?

I think I’m good at Instagram because I know how it works and I love to do it. Once you find something you really like it becomes a part of your life. Within the Schermafbeelding 2017-10-20 om 17.04.23Barcelona based start-up I will collaborate with influencers and travelers around the world. Sending them our products. The Instagram will be a place for inspiration, ideas about life, tips about health and most of all communicate a lifestyle. It would be a great idea to work with vlogs. Interviewing people around the world. From surfers, BMX riders to city people and let them tell their story. Vlog their life  for a day.

What feels most useful? Which work outcomes make you most proud? 

What makes me most proud, are actually not the gifts I get. They are really nice, but more importantly are the messages from my followers. Asking me questions, giving me good feedback and compliments. That makes me really happy, every day. It makes me feel close to them, all around the world.

What would an office of your favorite people look like? 

The perfect office for me would be a place with a lot of light. Where people don’t work from 9-5. I think the best way to work is by setting goals and targets. So people can be more free in their minds and work better. Creativity sets free. Believe, achieve & receive.

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22383977_479934449044189_7951479722992960256_oThis interview is part of #DBATalks to inspire you to do what you love to do and open possibilities from there. Join DBAStudio to find out how you can design a business model that creates abundance.

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