Nice Nomads workshop

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-23 om 12.34.09Last Tuesday last I did another workshop on rethinking your freelance business in collaboration with Nice Nomads. Every single time I get blown away by the energy and creativity in these workshops. In this episode we were downstairs at La Ruche in 21Paysans. Inspiring places to be in!

This group consisted of a sales representative, database expert, nomad, digital strategist, commodity trader, architect, happiness coach, biologist, translator, short rental servicer, astrologer, Reiki master and a personal assistant. What an amazing divers group that came to rethink and (re)find their true passion.

In an active peer-to-peer setting we found that our true individual passion is what connects us all. Inner values came to mind like: help, create, connect, organize, be free, IRL, love and independence. We took the first step towards a business model that creates abundance.

We all had a great morning (at least I did !) and I am happy to share the worksheet we used.

✅ Download the Free Worksheet to rethink if you love what you do – Master Move 1.


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