Wake up slowly, imagine your day, meditate and don’t forget to smile!

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Meet Olivier Francheteau. As a child he changed all the posters in his bedroom every month. He already understood there was more to decoration, more to explore. His passion had begun.

What do you enjoy? In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing?

I enjoy every day because there is no routine and no repetition. I like Mondays to organize the 6 followings days (social networks, new blog posts, meetings, projects, private viewings. I really enjoy a project that runs a few months. Take time to decorate and grasp the opportunity to really get to know my client. Working on a project is like being pregnant ! At the end I am relieved and happy to finally see my baby. To have a creative job and to work for myself make me feel so good, a lot of excitement and energy every day.

How’s your interior decoration today getting you closer to what you want for yourself?

Starting up was difficult, I thought I was ready and I was a bit naive… But I had to do it, I had to create my own company sooner or later. Two years ago, it was time to do so. Time to face reality, to do what I really want. A big challenge! To live my dream and to show the man I’ve become. And I have absolutely no regret “…non rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien…” as Edith Piaf’s song goes.I am 47 now, never felt so happy before. There is a perfect connection between what I am and what I love to do.

What do you take on because you believe you’re the best person to do it?

I like working alone because it is hard to put trust in and get feedback from others when I ask them to do things. I don’t say I am the best person to do the job but I do know my own skills and I don’t settle for anything less than high quality. The goal is not to show I am the greatest, I want to show my unique value. If my clients says I am the best decorator, I am doing ok 😉

What have you gotten noticed for throughout your career?

Not to stay isolated. Working alone does not mean being alone. It is important to be connected, to develop networks, to be curious and to learn via different workshops. The way I look and the way I behave are important too, especially in my job. I have to be magnetic, to be noticed when I go out especially at private events. I can’t say that my work is elegant when I don’t look elegant !

Which work outcomes make you most proud?

I am so proud and happy when I see my client smile. While working in Reykjavik, my client said “I’m so thrilled !” even though it was just the first step. The founder of a law firm told me her staff seems to show more enthusiasm and she could notice a lot of energy thanks to the colours in the offices. To see the change of human behaviour thanks to decoration makes me feel truly useful.

What are you learning that you’ll use in the future?

The free e-book (another pride and a big success) was a very good idea. An idea I got at a workshop by Wim Kiezenberg. To give is a great idea. Since the publication anyone can easily find me on Google. Got a lot of subscribers to my newsletter as well. Guess I am a kind of Robin Wood ! More seriously it fits perfectly with the philosophy of BNI “givers gain”. And don’t think small or local, be ambitious. That’s why I have a confession to make: there will be an English version of my e-book this Christmas!

How do you relate to others in your network?

By being myself and showing my unique value. It works! For instance, I became a BNI member in March this year and now they have chosen me as their president. Nobody before me has become a president so fast because I got so involved since the beginning. A gay decorator (Yes, I am not the only one…) married to a wonderful man. People like happy people, gay or not. Magnetic once again I suppose. Besides that you have to help people, to show them they can count on you, it helps to relate.

What would an office of your favorite people look like?

A lot of natural light coming through big windows with an amazing view. Many colours for productivity, many different corners to relax, to have a cup of tea, to chat a space to relieve stress where you can run, shout. With wonderful design to make you dream, old and modern designs, gorgeous materials. Nothing can be too beautiful for this dream team!

Anything else that comes to mind you like to share?

Wake up slowly, imagine your day, meditate and don’t forget to smile!

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