Doing what you love deeply, makes you more positive and fulfills in every way.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-27 om 19.43.54Meet Nora Daidone. During her career in tourism she decided to go back to school. To learn calligraphy as she always had a feeling inside she should do something else with her life. For one year she travelled every weekend to Paris to study the art and craftsmanship. Started up her own calligraphy business besides her regular job and today she works for world famous brands and individual clients. 

What do you enjoy? In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing?

I am a calligrapher since 8 years and I have had the opportunity to work for luxury brands on international events and for individual clients as well. Two totally different domains that bring various sensations in my typical work weeks.  I love the adrenaline rush that is part of any event or project to get things done in time. One needs to deliver within the deadlines and bring in a high quality calligraphy that makes the event as stylish and personal as possible.

The freedom that comes within the creative process is something I really like during each new project with in individual clients. Creating personalized writings for their wedding day gives me the opportunity to dive into their story, learn about them. It is always a pleasure to advise and accompany them in the written announcements of their happiness and major stage of their lives….

What have you been noticed for during your career?

I noticed that my profession needed more open-mindedness, curiosity and risk taking in various projects. Calligraphy is a craftsmanship. An art of constant evolution, each project requires me to be unique. Therefore I always experiment with new techniques, new styles and different materials. It’s a bit like a jump in at the deep end every time – it’s exciting and really challenging.



Examples of Nora’s work for Dior, Gucci and Chanel.

What do your friends say you are good at?

… my friends would rather talk about what I’m not good at! … no doubt about that ^^
But if you insist, then the qualities they recognize in me are -I think- empathy, communicative, positive and determination to perform.

Which work outcomes make you most proud?

What makes me happy and proud is when I see that my clients are happy when I design and realize what they dream about. It touches my heart when I’m told that my calligraphy style is immediately identifiable. Because my style of writing is the culmination of my personal creative research, it’s my DNA.

How does your work enhance your family and social connections?

Doing what you love deeply, makes you more positive and fulfills in every way.
It reflects on all the relationships you have: family, friends and social life.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-27 om 19.46.45

Anything else that comes to mind you would advice others to do in their business?

When you dream of starting your own business, you have to be tenacious, convinced, and combative. Do not let go of your goal at the first misstep and realise that it is also by failures and mistakes that we get to understand what direction to go, what your destiny is…. Do not rush: everything that is important in life, takes time to come true. Know how to invest your time and money for your dreams, be patient, stay consistent and positive. It will pay off one day! Be indulgent to yourself, have fun…. because your business is the realization of a dream, the passion we all work hard for.


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