2018 manifesto

Dear reader,

My year will be focussed on helping you to design your business. In every aspect of our mutual entrepreneurial journey. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just something we like, it’s something we are. What we love to do.

Digital tools are liberating business design, but so are people. We have become participants on social platforms that allow us to collaborate and customize and create, and in the process we’ve become expert collaborators, customizers, and creators – to paraphrase Yves Behar.

The ever more free online tools are speeding up this moment of change. The fast adoption of new ideas disrupts all existing marketplaces. The transactional economy of goods changing ownership is being replaced by the access to consume, use and share any service or product for a fee or for free.

All these fundamental changes will have an effect on any segment in any local economy. Whether you are a freelancer, a SME or multinational, it will call for an alignment in your business model to new customer needs. ‘Why should I pay you for this? when I can use it cheaper online or get access to it for free?’ We all ask ourselves these questions nowadays. That includes you reader and your customers.

I adjusted my own business model to these fundamental changes. In 2018 I am generously offering you best practices, inspiration and tips you can use for yourself for free. When we collaborate, co-design, customize and apply it to your particular business, there is a subscription fee.

Don’t ask yourself what happened, make it happen.


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