Need help to create a viable business for you? Join the online tribe DBA Studio. This is a free private membership created with one goal in mind: to provide you best practices, inspiration and tips you can use for yourself .

DBA Studio is a platform, a community that supports this new way of adding value. By multiplying energy, creativity and knowledge to construct profitable business models that support our individual businesses.

That’s how easy it works.


I don’t like to “sell” my experience in an old fashioned way, all being about me like a guru. I like to share it in a hands-on environment with people that want to build a business based on what they love to do and help you find the ideal business model.

Innovate myself as well as we go! Make things easier. That’s my personal drive. I am delighted to invite you to become a part of this movement, this direction. For free.

Dive in! Introduce yourself, ask a question, say hello! Feel free to share your work, your passion about it and add value.

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